Tamilan Cover Art and Social Media Post Planning


Graphic Design
Social Media Planning
Creative Direction

Software/Programs Used

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Google Drive


March 2021 - May 2021

Who is Vozhi?

Arivozhi Adiaman, also known as Vozhi, is a passionate Tamil-American real estate entrepreneur, rap artist, and community activist. He is also the recipient of "425 Business Magazine, 30 under 30 award". His purpose is to build vibrant and encouraging communities, particularly around his ancestral identity, Tamil.

What is my role/objective?

I was approached by Vozhi to compose a couple of mockups for his single 'Tamilan'. After that, I was given the opportunity to make some social media posts to bring some hype around the song and his remix of 'Enjoy Enjaami'.

Tamilan Cover Art


Final Direction

I was given direction from Vozhi to make cover art for his song 'Tamilan'.

He gave me some assets to work with and told me that font and colour choice was totally up to me.

I presented these three concepts to him in a zoom call and it did not take him too long to lean towards this as his final choice.

Social Media Posts

Aside from making the cover art for Tamilan, I created some social media posts to bring some hype/awareness to the song. Keeping in mind with the colour choice and font, I created these three posts to accompany it.

Using Format