As a Creative and Graphic Designer, my goal is to find simplicity in complexity. My design practice is a constant fixation between functionality and aesthetics. I always make sure to keep in the loop with design trends and adapting to various styles for multiple clients. As a designer, I am empathetic and provide practical solutions to everyday needs and wants.


Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU) 


Design Employment

2021 (FEB) - Current Acquire Agency | Senior Graphic Designer
JANUARY 2021 - AUGUST 2021 | Graphic Designer 

Create different statics (both story and feed) for various clients for their instagram and facebook ads. Uses milanote to brainstorm and collect brand guidelines and execute tasks within Photoshop and Illustrator. Plans post ideas for our social platforms and has juniors execute ideas to be posted weekly. Schedules internal and external meetings, and takes notes that is expected to be passed out to the correct team members. Makes sure that tasks have been dispersed evenly within team members and providing feedback to the rest of the Creative Performance team.

Worked as a freelancer for Mejuri during Black Friday, Holidays, and Valentine's Day to provide Google and Pinterest ads. Created a total of 250+ creative that aligned with their campaigns. Worked with different ratios for the prospective platform. Executed certain ads to be translated into German as well.

2018 - ONGOING Freelance Work | Design Projects

Complete projects for various artists/entrepreneurs within the region and globally. Projects range from logos, cover art, promotional content, social media posts, or general advice. Inspiration boards will be done through Pinterest, a couple of rough drafts with revisions, and then the final execution will be moved onto Adobe Illustrator and/or Adobe Photoshop.

Worked on social media content for maajja, YAALL Fest, and Tamil Archive Project as a freelancer.

2019 (JUN) - 2020 (APR) Toronto Region Board of Trade | Design Intern 

Interning with the Economic Blueprint research team to understand the research questions, data, and trends analysis that will underpin the Economic Blueprint and become familiar with the tabular and mapping data used by the team. Reviewing relevant precedents that can inform the design and communication of the data-derived products that will be featured in the Economic Blueprint. Culminating in the presentation of the portfolio of design concepts to senior management of the EBI, Marketing and Communications teams at the Board.    

2018 - 2019 (APR) HXOUSE | Design Apprentice 

Apprenticed on a group project that provided captivating and useful resources for creatives’ mental health in the Greater Toronto Area. In charge of visual/animated presentations via Keynote. Data visualization methods using Adobe Illustrator or tangibly on a whiteboard. Brainstorming ideas collaboratively and independently. And, surveying students using Google Surveys or through social media polls. 

2018 (JUL) Ministry of Attorney General | Co-Op Student 

Interned at the Ministry of Attorney General (MAG) on a project for the New Toronto Courthouse that is being implemented by 2022. The goal was to create an effective wayfinding system that can be easily accessible and legible to many users. In charge of market research within existing kiosks used in courthouses. Observed and noted other courthouse wayfinding systems that are currently in use. Interviewed personnel from MAG for feedback and insights. And, created visual presentations using Adobe Illustrator.



 • Efficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, XD, Photoshop, InDesign) 

             • General understanding in Adobe Premiere (exploring on Tik Tok)

 • Advanced in all Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word) 

 • Deep understanding of photography + social media platforms

 • Able to analyze data and place trends onto storyboards and experience maps 

 • Interpret creative briefs and translate them into compelling designs which are on brand


• A strong sense of personal drive and self-motivation 

 • Manages time accordingly and meeting deadlines

 • Excellent interpersonal skills; flexible and adaptable to changing priorities  


 • Able to work collaboratively with all disciplinarians

 • Attend briefings, brainstorms, production meetings and presentations

•  Being able to  take notes to relay to team members

 • Discusses problems and concerns with clients to reach their desired goals 

 • Excellent at presenting concepts and able to address the value proposition concisely


Starbucks | Tim Hortons | Fit4Less | Chipotle Mexican Grill | Data-Entry Clerk | OCADU Note Taker | 

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