Branding and Logo Exploration (2021)


Graphic Design
Creative Direction
Market Research
Logo Execution

Software/Programs Used

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Google Forms


July 2021

What is 1Kinect?

1Kinect is a wholesale provider for many day to day products. 1Kinect is currently doing wholesale transactions for a multitude of products (electronic's chargers, usb's, cables etc...) which are not branded. They eventually want to transition to their private labelling to these products.

What is my role/objective?

I was approached by Daron to create a brand identity for 1Kinect and provide a variety of logo lockups to be used on these electronic accesories.

Forming the Identity

Starting an identity for the brand can be difficult, but by asking the right questions it can lead you to an identity both you and the client are happy with.

By using Google Forms I was able to curate a Brand Identity book that resonated with Daron.

Why use Pinterest Boards?

I am a huge advocate for using Pinterest boards with any client I work with. 

It helps me understand what they are looking for and gives me visual cues on what they want their brand and/or product to look like.

I then favourite anything that stood out for the client to take into consideration for their logo.

Font Choice

Fonts are a HUGE part of a client's branding. Here are just a few I whipped together from the Pinterest board.

Logo Ideation

During the pandemic, I learned how communication through socials can be immediate and effective. The client circled his favourite logos for me to move forward with.

Finalized BrandBook

Using Format