Logo Creation + Social Media Planning


Visual Design
Logo Exploration
Competitor Analysis
Mockups + Social Media Posts

Software/Programs Used

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Google Drive


January 2021

What is YAALL Fest?

YAALL Fest is a global music festival that will be aired on Vijay Music TV. This will be held in Chennai,India featuring independent music from artists all over the world.

What is my role/objective?

I was approached by the team to create a logo for YAALL Fest and comprise some mockups for their instagram that will be launched once approved. 

I was given a logo to work with, but it did not resonate with the vibe they were going for (similar to Coachella).

I kept the eye element, but went for a different font choice that resembled Tamil abugida.

I also was in charge of creating a colour palette for YAALL Fest.

I had to keep in mind what colours would look great for a music festival and are not associated with popular Indian brands.

Insta Post Mockups

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